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Israel and Haifa


Study in Israel – where past meets the future

Israel, as rich in history as it is in high tech achievements, is one of the most compelling spots on earth. Here, the world’s major monotheistic religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – emerged, and the foundation for Western civilization was laid.

For thousands of years, the Land of Israel has stood as an important crossroads of ancient routes of commerce and conquering armies. This land, the meeting place of three continents, has been home to culturally diverse peoples who founded different spiritual practices, customs and traditions still in practice today. Traveling in Israel, it is impossible to miss the remnants of fortresses, religious shrines, arches and columns dotting every hillside and lining every lane.

The city of Haifa is a reflection of the colorful mosaic that is Israel. As the capital of northern Israel it is home to over a quarter of a million residents, and is considered the gateway to the Galilee. Throughout the years, it has also become known for its cultural diversity and tolerance. Haifa’s outstanding record of coexistence among its population of Jews, Christians, Muslims and other minorities clearly reflects its cultural and religious harmony. Click here to learn more about Haifa.

The city is an hour’s drive from Tel Aviv and less than two hours away from Jerusalem. Overlooking the entire northern coast of Israel, Haifa is bordered on one side by forest and on the other side, sea. In between sits a bustling center of high tech, housing giants of both Israeli and foreign industry, as well as two respected universities, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and Haifa University, with a combined enrollment of some 40,000 students from Israel and abroad. This technological and academic hub has spawned some of the world’s most important scientific breakthroughs.

Science and technology are obviously not the sole domain of Haifa. The State of Israel itself, despite its small size and limited resources, plays a leading role in this arena. With the highest per capita number of scientists and engineers in the world, Israel ranks among the top five countries globally for patents per person. In addition, Israel far outnumbers its European counterparts in the number of companies traded on NASDAQ, and is home to the greatest concentration of high-tech start-up companies anywhere outside the Silicon Valley.

In Israel, nine of every 1,000 workers are engaged in research and development, nearly double the rate of the USA and Japan.

The country has proportionately the highest number of publications in science and engineering worldwide. It has a larger share of publications co-authored with foreign scientists than any other nation.