274214 Physiology I

Lecturer: Dr. Yitzchak Kehat

Academic Credits: 4

Method of Teaching: Lectures, Exercises and Labs

10 hours per week



Lecture Topics

Electrophysiology: Action potential in heart cells, Ionic currents, automaticity, excitability, conduction, slow and fast response
Electrophysiology: Anatomy and physiology of the conduction system
Cardiovascular 1
Basic principles of electrocardiography (E.C.G)
Cardiovascular Lab (half class A) / Computer Simulation Lab – Cardiac Performance (half class B)
Neurohormonal control – autonomic system, baroreceptor reflex
Neurohormonal control – Integrated regulation of the cardiovascular system
Cardiovascular 2
Cardiovascular Lab (half class B) / Computer Simulation Lab – Cardiac Performance (half class A)
Coronary circulation and myocardial energetics
Microcirculation and Lymphatic system
Introduction to the pulmonary respiratory system (chp. 1)
Lung volumes, dead space (chp. 2,3)
Alveolar ventilation (chp. 4)
Oxygen transport (chp. 5)
Resp – Ex1
CO2 transport and buffering (chp 6), Pulmonary blood flow and metabolic functions of the lung (Chp 7-8),
Resp – Case Studies 1