274119 Introduction to Emergency Medicine

Lecturer: Dr. Eric Schier

Academic Credits: 2

Method of Teaching: Lectures

1.5 hours per week

Course Abstract:

This undergraduate course will consist of six sessions lasting ninety minutes each and will be tailored for future health care professionals. We will present the fundamentals of emergency medicine, focusing specifically on prehospital, triage, and first hour. There will be no textbook. We will use review papers from medical and nursing literature as source material. Students will also participate in a 4 hour BLS course given by Magen David Adom so that they will be BLS certified for 2 years.


Session 1                     Adult and Pediatric BLS

Session2                      Trauma

Session 3         Environmental Emergencies

Session 4                     Cardiac and Respiratory Emergencies

Session 5                     GI and GYN

Session 6                     Endocrine, Heme, Optho, Derm

Session 7         Q&A and Final Exam