275203 Human Sexuality

Lecturer: Dr. David Rabinowitz

Academic Credits: 2

Method of Teaching: Lectures

2 hours per week

Course Abstract:

The course is a comprehensive introduction to clinical sexology.The course will focus on the theoretical clinical, psychosocial and ethical aspects, instead of sexology in psychiatry and medicine. Both normal and abnormal sexual behaviors will receive equal emphasis in the course. Teaching formats will include lectures and live interviews.


Human Sexuality: Normal and Abnormal

Lecture 1:   Overview and introduction

Lecture 2:   History of sexology

Lecture 3:   The early pioneers: Masters and Johnston, Kinsey

Lecture 4:   Understanding normal sexual function: the triphasic model of sex, gender differences

Lecture 5:    Sexual dysfunctions in men and women

Lecture 6:   Other sexualities: sexual deviations

Lecture 7:   Understanding the transgender state, understanding the homosexual-

heterosexual spectrum

Lecture 8:   Sexuality: psychological and couple aspects

Lecture 9:   Sexuality: social, cultural and anthropological aspects

Lecture 10: Ethical and moral issues and dilemmas in sexology

Lecture 11: Sexological treatment: medical and non-medical

Lecture 12: Talking with patients about sexual concerns; sex education

Grading System:

A final exam will be given at the end of the course.