274320 Ethics and Medicine

Lecturer: Dr. Gershon Gronfeld

Academic Credits: 2

Method of Teaching: Lectures

2 hours per week

Course Abstract:

Making ethical decisions, at times agonizing, are an integral part of routine practice of medicine. Since the need for such decisions are an unavoidable necessity, we must learn how to ‘sift’ through the evidence critically in order to be able to determine if they meet ethical standards. To this end, this course will attempt to provide an overview of the core values expressed in the work of occupational physicians today, and examine some of the more prominent ethical dilemmas that arise in this area. Such moral decisions have been expressed into law in Israel as well as in countries abroad. Having knowledge of legal aspects and dilemmas that arise in the daily practice of medicine is as important as understanding the standards required of this occupation. Therefore, as part of the course we will study some of the law cases and legislation relevant to a physician’s work.


Lesson 1          Course Introduction: What is Ethics?

Lesson 2          Basic Concepts in Medical Ethics

Lesson 3          Autonomy and Paternalism

Lesson 4          Informed Consent

Lesson 5          Medical Confidentiality and Truth

Lesson 6          The Patient’s Rights Law

Lesson 7          The Dying Patient Law

Lesson 8          Mental Health Care – Ethics and Law

Lesson 9          Medical Malpractice I

Lesson 10        Medical Malpractice II

Lesson 11        Physicians Ordinance and more

Lesson 12        Analysis of Ethical Dilemmas

Lesson 13        To be Determined

Grading System:

Students are required to attend classes and read the required course materials. A student’s grade will be determined based on their final test score at the end the course. The exam will be based on the materials learned in the class and the content of articles and court rulings that make up the reading materials listed on Moodle. Coming prepared to lectures by reading the course materials before each lesson is highly recommended as it will ensure a fruitful and more enjoyable discussion during class. Reference materials will not be permitted during the exam.