274136 Behavioral Science

Course Director: Dr. Tzvi Dwolatsky

Academic Credits: 2

Method of Teaching: Lectures

3 hours per week

Course Abstract:

This course will provide an introduction to the study of behavioral sciences. It will cover issues such as human development, including the stages of growth (children to elderly) and change in many domains of human functioning; human behavior in health, in illness, and in situations of challenges and difficulty; and the challenges and pressures of work as a medical student and physician.


Lesson 1              Communication Skills

Lesson 2              Children and Adolescents

Lesson 3              Elderly

Lesson 4             Women’s Health

Lesson 5             Healer’s Art Module 1

Lesson 6             Death and Dying

Lesson 7             Substance Abuse and Suicide

Lesson 9             Sexuality

Lesson 10           US Health Care System

Lesson 11           Ethical Issues

Lesson 12            Mutual Support

Lesson 13        Student Evaluations